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The Perfect Surrounding

Being based in an idyllic “Garden of Eden” resort, just 40m meters from one of the many beautiful beaches of Koh Phangan, with a 750 meter stretch of gorgeous white sand and probably the best sunsets on the Island.

Your alcohol-free experience is configured for your requirements

We offer a variety of plans to suit your needs, offering you fitness, holistic therapy, mindfulness, yoga, fantastic accommodation pool and co working facilities, with a choice of different rooms for different budgets. View our wonderful rooms.

Holistic treatments

Eden-Life is all about holistic treatments for your spirit and soul. aside from daily Yoga sessions, we offer many types of massages and also have a herbal sauna in the resort. We supplement this with other holistic experiences such as Tai Chi, Pilates and other body movement therapies, Gong Baths, Singing Bowls, and various other practices depending upon who is on the Island at the time. 

Co working facilities

Part of the Eden-Life vision is combining a lovely work space with the Eden-Life resorts to make it a super conducive space for solopreneurs, digital nomads, remote business people and other business owners to continue to operate their companies and work anywhere in the world. We have fantastic co working facilities both indoor and outdoor throughout the resort, with free super fast wifi for all our residents. 

Fitness Gym and Muay Thai

We have our own “Golden Rock Gym” on the resort, with personal trainers on standby and a full suite of fitness equipment to get your body into the shape you desire. We also have the best Muay Thai Trainer on the Island for our residents, delivering single sessions or boot camp style intense trainings.


Beautiful sun drenched pool

Our pool is perfect to lounging in with underwater seats, as well as sun loungers, Our pool is equipped and deep enough for PADi scuba training. It is surrounded with comfy cabanas, sun loungers and host it’s own drinks bar and barbecue


A broad menu of alcohol-free drinks and health orientated food.

Our Bar / Restaurent is one of the focal points of Eden-Life (aside from the pool) and our menu is carefully selected for your health and wellbeing. Being an alcohol free resort is not a restriction, but actually an opportunity for you to discover new beverages and a new way to have fun. 



Because of the nature of running an alcohol-free resort, we attract a great deal of people in personal recovery from their addictions. Indeed, one of our Founders is in his 20th year of recovery. We are established to fully cater to those looking to maintain their recovery, with dedicated groups for them, such as mindfulness, meditations and daily check in sessions. One to Ones are available to those looking for more therapeutic input. We have deep ties to the 12 Step community on the Island and we have Fellowship meetings on site and on the beach during sunset.
We also use  the word Recovery very to describe people recovering from depression, stress, burnout, trauma and other mental health challenges. Our facility serves all these people.  

The Best Experience Ever

"I had a wonderful stay at eden life, it saved me"
Chris Jones
Travel Blogger

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