Eden Life Wellness Resort welcomes people in recovery from addictions, depression, trauma, burnout, stress, or other challenges.

Alcohol free

Eden Life Wellness Resorts have been designed for a new type of visitor – one who prefers to avoid people consuming alcohol. That’s not to say that we don’t like to have a good time – but rather to stress that we don’t need alcohol or other substances to do so. 

12 Step Recovery

Some of our residents may been interested in the 12 Step Recovery side of our vision. We are very 12 step friendly due to the personal recovery from addiction of one of our Founders, who is very active in the Fellowships on the Island. We have a Tuesday evening Sunset Beach Meeting, and we are able to help those looking for support with their recovery journey. More details upon request. 

Sober Living by the Sea

This is the perfect spot for people looking to live a sober lifestyle by the beach, surrounded by other recovering addicts / alcoholics. We have holistic and complementary therapies that support sober living and provide daily structure and assistance. 

Better yourself at Eden Life