Koh Phangan Island

Koh Phangan, with an overall area of 167sqkm, is Thailand’s fifth biggest island. Located 70km from the mainland and just 12km from Koh Samui, Phangan does not have an airport and therefore traveling here is via ferries from Surat Thani on the mainland or the neighbouring island Koh Samui.

Predominantly made up of granite, Koh Phangan almost unspoilt beauty is accented by a hilly, lush tropical jungle interior, many idyllic, long white-sand beaches and over 20 nearby dive sites. The main town is Thongsala which has evening street markets and a walking street market on Saturday evenings.

Phangan’s main claim to fame is largely due to its Full Moon Parties, dating back around 30 years. This attracts up to 30,000 revellers during New Year’s Eve period.

Island Life

There’s a certain pace to life once you move onto an Island, particularly a smaller one. Everything is more relaxed, and Island life becomes highly conducive in reducing stress and anxiety.
Most residents get around on a scooter, which we can help you rent from our neighbours.


Koh Phangan is a diverse island, with a great many activities for you to explore, enjoy and experience. Whether you are a water lover, a nature freak or a beach bum we have loads to keep you entertained. 

Eden Life has links to all the possible activities on or around the island and we are able to configure everything to help you enjoy your stay with us even more. Want an action packed schedule full of adventure activities? Or a more spiritual time learning yoga, discovering tantric and plenty of Thai massages?

A selection of activities as examples are given below.


Thailand’s paradise island Koh Phangan is the ideal place to do your dive courses and you will struggle to find a cheaper place or a more beautiful place in the world to get PADI certified!

We are connected to Koh Phangan’s greatest diving company, with the most professional and well-equipped boats on (and off) the island.

Eden-Life has negotiated its own great deals on all PADI diving courses and fun diving for our residents only. Our Diving partners hold the highest standard of teaching and their staff are a fantastic bunch of Western instructors (English speaking).

Pick up and drop off from Eden-Life


Our residents mostly go snorkelling in our nearest beach – Haad Yao, which is 1 minutes’ walk away. However, on Koh Phangan there are a variety of tour companies providing snorkelling and adventure day trips. We can help you to choose which day trip is best for you and can also arrange your booking. You will be picked up in the morning and taken to the best snorkelling spots, lunch is provided on most tours.
That said, if you’re happy snorkelling by yourself, then grab your snorkelling gear (which we can hire to you if required) and head to Koh Ma, just five minutes drive north from Eden-Life. Koh Ma is a small island connected to Koh Phangan by a sandbar on Mae Had beach. Easily accessible and great snorkelling. Koh Ma is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef.

Ang Thong Marine Park AKA “The Beach”

Boat Trips to Ang Thong National Park, the Island as made famous in the book “The Beach” by Alex Garland) are available. This is the place where Richard and his French friends swam to from Koh Phangan.

The trip from Phangan to Ang Thong National Park is a must for most tourists of Thailand. The island-park has a hollowed-out interior that is home to many exotic species of fish and the surrounding waters can be explored by kayak. The climb to the top of the main island’s ridge has spectacular views of the emerald-green waters of the interior lake and some of the 42 surrounding islands.


There are many Waterfalls on Koh Phangan worth exploring.
Phaeng Waterfall is the largest and most popular and is protected by National Park status. It offers beautiful natural scenery with a walk up to a spectacular viewpoint.
There are many other waterfalls on the island to check out too, including Paradise Waterfall and Than Sadet Waterfall.



We have connections with a Thai family offering Elephant experiences here on Koh Phangan. You can feed them, walk with them, bath them, and interact with them. If you’ve never met Elephants before, they are a formidable experience, and one you’ll remember the rest of your life. 


There are so many different Yoga Classes and Retreats on Koh Phangan, so we decided to offer our own on site. However, you may prefer to explore some of the other disciplines. Some of the Yoga sites also have cleansing, detox, and fasting programs with colonic treatments.

Muay Thai Boxing

Want to try Muay Thai Kickboxing? It’s Thailand national sport.
We have our own Muay Thai Trainer so you can learn the artform yourself. We have all the facilities you need in the Golden Rock Gym (at Eden-Life).

However, on Koh Phangan you can also watch regular held live fight nights We recommend Kobra Ultimate Muay Thai Boxing & Training Staduim. Kobra Gym is located on the border of Thong Sala & Baan Tai. Kobra Stadium is owned & operated by master Kongpipop, former Muay Thai champion of northern Thailand. With knowledge passed from prior generations of fighters & over 24 years of Muay Thai fighting & training experience, master Kongpipop & his trainers offer the best one-on-one Muay Thai training on Koh Phangan. The Fight Nights entertain tourists with REAL ultimate Muay Thai fights that feature fighters from all around the world. Once students have completed their training, they even have the chance to fight in ring at Kobra Muay Thai Boxing & Traning Stadium.

Thai Massage

Eden-Life has its own in-house experienced massage team, either offering them on site or in our massage hut on the beach about 3 minute’s walk). Have an oil massage or try a traditional Thai massage.


Herbal Sauna

Eden-Life has it’s own Sauna, though for a full on Thai Herbal Sauna we’d suggest visiting Wat Pho (Temple) in true Thai style. This is a great experience that we highly recommend. Relax and enjoy the many great benefits of a traditional herbal steam sauna where natural herbs like lemongrass are heated by a log wood fire to create the steam that is filtered into the sauna.


Beauty Parlour

We have beauty services such as waxing, facials, manicures and pedicures.

Thai Cooking Classes

Thai cooking classes are available on or off site depending upon numbers interested. We can book Thai cookery classes for you in advance. Almost all schools and Chefs will use fresh ingredients from the local markets and teach you an array of Thai dishes. 

Secret Mountain Sunsets

The Secret Mountain is a beautiful excursion just to get to, and when you arrive you won’t be disappointed. It feels like arriving at the most amazing tree house in the world, and it’s  in the jungle with a pool, food, and breath-taking views.

Phangan Wipe-Out

Just like the Wipe Out TV show! Rope swings, climbing walls, rolling barrels and much more. Beat the clock and get on the leader board. An Eden-Life favourite.

Night Markets & Bazaar

Thong Sala is the largest town (more like a big village) on the Island.

It’s also a great local spot to find really genuine Thai food. There is a nice selection of stalls and you can eat really cheaply here. Some stalls are open during the day, but it really comes alive around 4 or 5pm with more vendors set up for the evening. Always a good experience if you love Thai food and are on a limited budget.

Then on Saturday evenings, the weekly Night Street Market in Thongsala comes alive near the pier and stretches out along the beach front. The street will be filled with vendors offering everything from clothes, art, jewellery through to food and beyond. It’s a great evening’s entertainment if you enjoy Thai street markets. 

On Sunday afternoons Chaloklum in the north of the Island has a street food market that’s worth checking out and having a wander around.

Night Life

Full Moon Party.
It’s no secret that Koh Phangan is the host of a tradition that stretches back over 30 years – the Full Moon Party. This is the biggest party on Koh Phangan and a huge reason travellers have been coming to the island. It is located on Haad Rin, in the South East corner of the Island, so the opposite side to us on the North West. There are a stretch of beach bars and clubs along Haad Rin. This is the world’s ultimate beach party. All kinds of music, all kinds of crazy! We have found it to be fairly hedonistic and therefore not necessarily a popular choice for residents of Eden-Life, except for those that want the experience and are comfortable dancing sober all night.

Pirates Bar MoonSet Party.
The MoonSet Party at the Pirate Bar is usually 3 days before and after Full Moon Party and is situated in a small cove at the south end of Haad Chao Phao – 5 minutes drive from Eden-Life. The setting is amazing on a private beach with a backdrop of sheer rock cliffs and with the DJs set in the rocks playing all styles of electronic music. Our favourite little beach party.

Ecstatic Dance Groups & parties.
Enjoy some sober and freeing fun at an ecstatic dance party. No need to feel shy about your dance moves. Just feel the energy of the music and let loose. After all, everyone around you will be too. The vibe is amazing with good music and open-minded people. There are Ecstatic Dances during the daytime too. We like the Sunday afternoon one. 

Rasta Home.
Like Reggae music? Then get your taste of local reggae every Friday night with a live band playing everything from Bob Marley to Oasis. An awesome experience and located only 5 minutes walk from Eden-Life

The Drum Circle & Live music jam on the beach!
Located on the beach in Hin Kong on the west side of koh Phangan, 10 minutes from Eden-Life. You are welcome to perform live jam sessions with the Jam every Saturday night on their open stage. They have a full setup with drum kit, electric guitar, bass, synth, bongos and open mics. The Jam gets packed out with fun party goers, great atmosphere!


There are many world class jaw dropping beautiful beaches on Koh Phangan. Thew following are (in our opinion) the most notable.

  • Haad Yao or “long beach” has beautiful views, a great selection of restaurants and phenomenal sunsets. This beach has always attracted laid back travellers and has its own little community of locals and Westerners who stay long term. This is our beach. You’ll usually find people playing frisbee, working out, jogging or simply sitting back and relaxing whilst enjoying a fresh coconut or dinner during sunset.
  • Mae Haad has a sand bank that permits you to walk out to Koh Ma Island in the north west of the Koh Phangan. It is quiet and more secluded than many others with deep water for swimming and great snorkelling spots. Beach sports like kite surfing and wind surfing can be found here.
  • Beautiful white sand and really popular snorkelling spot if you rent some gear from Eden-Life and walk along the sand bar, Ko Ma is rich in sea life.
  • Bottle Beach is quite a well known beach, and a firm fsvourite with locals. It is a 90 minute jungle trek to get there, so most people come via Long Tail boat. Many day trips available on the island will drop you off here for a while to relax and hang out on the white sand beaches, deep swimming water and magnificent views of the mountains and palms trees.
  • Thong Nai Pan offers a great vibe and has a small village with some cool bars and restaurants and also is home to the islands most exclusive and expensive resorts. You can see a beautiful sunrise from here and can get here by boat from Chaloklum. Swimming is also good here.
  • Than Sadet has the famous Than Sadet river and waterfall. The river and waterfalls once visited by their Majesties King V, VII and IX, who carved their initials on the huge granite rocks that grace this river. This is one of the most beautiful and popular places on the island to visit and relax.
  • Haad Rin Nok is home to the famous Full Moon Party. You can always expect a pumping night life and when the moon is full you can expect 20,000+ people dancing along the beach. Haad Rin is a really beautiful beach during the day. It is mainly packed with nightclubs so in the evening it is party central.
  • Secret Beach is a gorgeous beach offering deeper water to swim in, with access to great snorkelling spots. Another fabulous sunset location.
  • Zen Beach is another beautiful west facing beach. Arrivejust before sunset and the beach will be buzzing with energy. Acro yoga groups gather, flow artists spin, and musicians set the tone. The view of sunset is epic, you have a clear view of the sun as it goes behind the horizon and the whole sky changes colours. Further to the left is Naked Beach, you won’t miss it.
  • Pirate Beach is yet another top west facing beach for sunsets, but also comes with amazing vibes and the freedom to swim naked. Musicians, artisans, flow artists and occasional food vendors gather here every evening.
  • Chaloklum Beach in the north of the Island is a more remote and less crowded spot. It has beautiful views and the boats in the bay make for an Instagram friendly backdrop.
  • Happy Beach is next to Zen beach and has deeper water than most. It’s family friendly and many people will gather there for the sunsets or for yoga during the day.
  • Bovy Beach is a small coved beach on the West side of the island and whilst it’s not formally a naturist beach, many people are swimming here without their bathing suits.
  • Him Kong Beach is an open beach with very shallow waters and almost horizontal palm trees, making for great sunset shots. People take advantage of the shallow waters to go kite surfing and Para skating when there’s wind.  

Scooter Hire

The best way to find good beaches and fun things to do is to rent a scooter and explore the island. Scooters are the cheapest and easiest way to get around Koh Phangan but please make sure you stay safe by driving slow and always wear a helmet.

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